Calendar of Strava workouts

Embark on a visual exploration of your fitness journey with the latest feature in My Workout Companion — the Activities Calendar. This dynamic addition offers users a novel and intuitive way to engage with their workout history, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.
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Sport-Specific Flags with a Splash of Color

In this innovative calendar view, each activity is distinctly flagged by its corresponding sport type, effortlessly adding a layer of organization and personalization to your fitness timeline. Every sport is assigned its own unique hue, creating a visually rich and harmonious representation of your diverse workout routine. Whether it's cycling, running, or any other sport you engage in, the calendar provides a vibrant and organized visual narrative.

Seamless Integration with My Workout Companion's Ecosystem

This calendar feature seamlessly integrates with the broader ecosystem of My Workout Companion, ensuring a cohesive and unified user experience. Whether you're accustomed to analyzing your data through detailed reports, exploring your achievements with summarized insights, or engaging with the personalized visuals of the calendar, every aspect is interconnected, providing users with a holistic and interconnected approach to their fitness analytics.
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