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My Workout Companion is free analytics tool which upgrades functionality of Strava and enhance your experience.

Unleash the power of data visualization with interactive graphs and comprehensive yearly and monthly workout summaries allowing you to gain a better understanding of your fitness journey.

Simply connect your Strava account and you're ready to elevate your Strava experience.

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My workout companion is analytics toll for Strava workouts

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Enhance your analytical experience with advanced filters and sorting options. Easily filter activities by date, exercise type, distance, title, average heart rate, and average speed.
Filters in analytical tool

Data overview

In the data table, explore detailed information including activity date, title, sport, distance, time, average speed, average heart rate, elevation gain, and specified equipment (bike). Our tool also allows you to mark exercises as favorites.
Workouts data overview
Filters on mobile

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The application is designed to be accessible and user-friendly on both desktop computers and mobile phones, making it convenient for users on various devices.
Filters in analytical tool
Filters on mobile

My Statistics

Effortlessly review statistical data by switching between yearly, monthly, or daily views, each accompanied by a dedicated graph.

View by years

Strava statistics - view by years

View by months

Strava statistics - view by months


Strava statistics on mobile
Strava statistics on mobile
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My Calendar

In our latest update, users can now enjoy a visual feast of their activities through the vibrant Activities Calendar. Each sport is uniquely flagged with its own color, creating a personalized and organized display of your fitness pursuits. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and colorful representation of your achievements with My Workout Companion.
Calendar of strava workouts
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My Summary

The My Summary section highlights standout activities based on distance, duration, elevation gain, and highest average heart rate. Access a comprehensive overview for the current year and all recorded exercises. Elevate your data analysis with our user-friendly tools.


My summary overview


My summary on mobile
My summary - bookmarked activites

Unit system support

My Workout Companion caters to a global audience by offering support for both metric and imperial units, ensuring that users from all regions can benefit from its features.
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