Strava statistics and reports

Embrace a data-driven approach to your fitness endeavors with our Statistics reports, where insights are not just informative but transformative. It is your gateway to comprehensive insights into your fitness journey. Whether you're seeking a holistic overview or a detailed analysis of specific timeframes, our reports cater to your every need.

All-Time Reports: A Glimpse into Your Fitness Legacy

In the All-Time Reports, users can revel in data representations spanning every year active on Strava. Gain a nuanced understanding of your progress as you compare yearly metrics, including distance traveled, elevation gain, the number of workouts, and time spent exercising. These insights are thoughtfully presented through interactive graphs and detailed tables. Users can further refine their exploration with a pie chart illustrating the distribution of sports attended and another highlighting the equipment most frequently utilized. For enhanced granularity, users can filter data based on equipment, such as bikes or shoes.
Chart for all time statistics of Strava workouts

Yearly Reports: Precision in Every YearIntuitive Data Presentation

Dive into the specifics of each year with our Yearly Reports. Data is meticulously organized by months, allowing users to dissect their fitness accomplishments over the course of the selected year. All the enlightening charts available in the All-Time Reports are also seamlessly integrated into this section. Users have the flexibility to apply filters, refining data by sport and year.
Yearly report of Strava-workouts

Monthly Reports: A Daily Chronicle

For a more detailed examination, our Monthly Reports break down data by day, providing a daily chronicle of your fitness journey. This report introduces an additional layer of filtering, allowing users to refine data by month.

Summarized Insights Across All Reports

In every report, data is meticulously summarized, providing users with a quick snapshot of their achievements. Easily track the number of workouts, total distance covered, and time invested in your fitness journey for the selected reporting period.
All time statisitstics of Strava actictivities displayed in table
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