Training summaries and stand out activites

At the heart of My Workout Companion lies the "My Summary" feature, a meticulously crafted section that provides users with a nuanced perspective on their fitness journey. This sophisticated interface goes beyond a mere listing of activities, offering a curated selection that users have designated as their favorites.

Comprehensive Training Summaries: A Data-Driven Approach

Delve into detailed training summaries that go beyond the basic metrics. My Workout Companion provides comprehensive overviews for the last 7 days, the last 28 days, the current year, and an all-time summary. In these meticulously crafted views, users can easily grasp key metrics, including durations, distances covered, and elevation gains. These summaries serve as invaluable tools for users to track their progress and set new goals, fostering a data-driven approach to their fitness endeavors.
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Curated Favorites: A Personalized Snapshot

"My Summary" isn't just a collection of activities; it's a personalized snapshot of your fitness highlights. Users can meticulously curate their favorites, allowing for a focused and meaningful review of the workouts that hold particular significance. This intentional curation transforms the My Summary section into a digital showcase of achievements, reflecting the user's unique fitness narrative.
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Standout Activities: Unveiling the Pinnacle Moments

Within each summary view, My Workout Companion highlights standout activities that encapsulate remarkable achievements. From the longest activity to the one with the most significant duration, the highest average heart rate, and the activity boasting the most substantial elevation gain — these standout activities provide a visual narrative of the user's fitness peaks. By spotlighting these pinnacle moments, My Summary adds a layer of recognition and celebration to the overarching fitness journey.
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