Workouts overview

Welcome to My Workout Companion, an innovative application that harnesses the power of Strava's API to offer cyclists and runners an unparalleled suite of features for a comprehensive analysis of their workout experiences.
Strava workouts overview

Customizable filters

Our sophisticated analytical tool empowers users to delve deep into their workout data. With customizable filters, users can review their results based on workout name, date, sport, gear, activity distance, and activity duration. The versatility of our analytical suite allows for precise data refinement, ensuring users can extract the insights that matter most to them.
Customizable filters in analytical tool

Versatile Sorting Options

My Workout Companion goes beyond basic analytics with a range of sorting options. Users can organize their data by date, exercise type, distance, activity duration, average heart rate, average speed, elevation gain in activity, and suffer score. The flexibility to sort results in ascending or descending order provides a tailored and dynamic analysis experience.
Sorting options in my workout companion

Intuitive Data Presentation

Our user-friendly interface presents workout data in a clear and organized table format. Key details, including the date of the workout, workout name, distance, duration, average speed, elevation gain, average heart rate, suffer score, and gear used during the workout, are readily accessible. This intuitive presentation ensures that users can quickly interpret and understand their fitness journey.

Personalized Favorites and Watermarked Photos

Enhance your experience by flagging your favorite activities within the application. This feature enables users to highlight and revisit standout workouts easily. Additionally, generate personalized photos with watermarked data from specific activities, creating shareable and memorable visual representations of your fitness achievements.
Generate watermarked phots from strava workouts
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